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You've thought about this...but where to start?
Can you REALLY make a life and living you love?
We'd like to help you make this dream a reality now!
Hearts Desire + Certification = YOU
Are you drawn to work with the dying?
You’ve been hearing about
(or already practicing in) this emerging profession, called “end-of-life doula”, “end-of-life coach/midwife/guide and KNOW that this is something you want to do.
You have been drawn or called to this, and you want to put it in action,
but where to start?
You are at the right spot! 

You may also wonder; can I make a living doing this?
The answer is YES—we'll give you the blueprint that will get you started in the simplest & quickest way.

Go for Your Dream!Become an End-of Life DoulaAND...Make a Living and Life You Love!
Hearts Desire +Certification=YOU
Don’t wait to create the life you have been dreaming of –Get Started Now!
While others are turning away
wondering how you could possibly
want to work in this field,

You Instead...
  • KNOW that you are one of the few who can be in the “presence of death”, and BE WITH those who need your competence.
  • ALLOW “death” to invite you to look at your own limiting beliefs and fears.
  • BECOME one of the few, who help clients re-frame the experience of death from only sadness, fear and confusion to meaning, connection and even awe. 
  • UNDERSTAND that death, dying, grief and loss can be a gateway for your own personal, spiritual growth, and self-discovery. 
  • DISCOVER that you can be an “agent of change”, gently guiding others along a path that is often scary,  unpredictable and new for them.
  • SHARE your gifts and get to witness what happens when your support helps a client to “lean-in” into the death experience in a way they couldn’t or wouldn’t have been able to before. 
  • TRANSFORM the death experience for another, like an alchemist.
  • GUIDE those who are willing, on a journey to “die well”.
Does the end of life hold mysteries that you feel compelled to explore?
“There’s something about death” .... for those who get that statement. It is like there is a club, to which we all belong—there are no dues, or meet-ups, but when we meet another kindred soul who gets “this death thing”, it can make us feel more alive, more connected, like nothing else.
Can you clearly envision the impact your work
in this field can have?
Well, then.... GET READY!
Hi I’m Patty Burgess....President of Possibility and creator/developer of this course.

I believe with my whole heart that your work as an end-of-life doula is important work and can change the world. 

But I do not believe that can happen if you are not rooted in the basics, or if it does not support you financially.

When my dear friend Rona died, I had no idea that I would later have a career supporting the dying and their loved ones, or training others how to “BE With" the dying.   When Rona was dying, there was no training of this sort, and I struggled to understand what was happening – I just showed up everyday to lend support and do the best I could. I wish something like this were available to me then.

Since then, I have made it my mission to help others overcome the obstacles that are holding them back from the impact they can make with this work.  

And I want to help you do it in record time!

Who has time to wait to change the world?? ;-)

Without the proper training, you can still make a difference...no doubt at all!
However, with training, your learning curve and your time trying to get started in this profession is streamlined, and directed.

If you are with me reading this, we share "that thing" that draws us to death, dying, grief and loss.  Whatever brings you here has done so for a reason.

We also share the pursuit of impacting more people, and supporting more individuals facing death, as well as their loved ones, as they navigate the end of life.

However, I want you to do so with YOUR SIGNATURE BRAND of support.

The best and most beautiful foundation for this work I can offer is this...

                                  The Certified End-of-Life Specialist (CEOLS) training.

How is this training and certification a door-opener?
  • EVEN if you DON’T have healthcare or professional experience in this field, this field is open to you.
  • If you have the heart, compassion and willingness, you have ALMOST everything you need. 
  • In our culture today, “proving” that you have the necessary training and credentials to support working, volunteering or offering non-medical support services in this field, is a must, and we can help you with that. 
  • This training and certification, in particular, shows that you have met a certain standard, that others have not.
  • It meets and exceeds the training requirements that Medicare places on hospices in order for them to comply with federal regulations and to collect reimbursement.
  • Training and certification offers peace of mind to the clients you will be working with, as they know (and can verify), those standards.
  • Training and certification is a door-opener.
  • If you DO have experience in the end-of-life field or are a seasoned healthcare worker, then enriching your experience with an additional training and designation only enhances your professional credentials.
  • NEW!! - CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS NATIONALLY - this training is the only hospice training program if its kind to be approved nationally for CNE/CEUs for Nurses, CNA's/Aides, LPNs. and LVNs.  More disciplines, i.e. Social Work CEUs are planned to be added.
What is the Certified End-of-Life Specialist (CEOLS) Training?
It is foundational...
This 10 module training offers the foundational level teaching and skills, exercises, and immersion into the supportive nature of non-medical, end-of life care.

It offers a springboard and base of knowledge from which to launch an end-of-life (EOL) doula, coach or guide practice, OR to work for hire, or volunteer in the
end-of-life industry.
I’ve been carrying the memories of the harsh way my parents each ended their battles with cancer. There was the sadness, sense of isolation they each and I felt, and the impersonal ways they were treated.

I would urge any family members or medical professionals working with those in terminal conditions to access this training. The end of life can be an opportunity to truly communicate with both the dying, family and professionals involved in the care.

The techniques taught in this training open the door to sharing the experience, rather than going through the stages alone and in fear.

Fear stands in the way of resolving issues, exploring the past and preparing for the future is the way out of fear!.

Well done!

Kathleen McCormack, M.S. 
Certified Healthcare Advocate
Caring Pathways
Tucson, AZ

Once only for hospice, but now open to you
This program was originally designed for hospice and palliative care volunteers and staff, and is currently being used by hospices across the country to train their workers.

We have opened it up to individuals, personal caregivers, healthcare professionals, and those wanting to become EOL doulas, coaches or guides, because....
Emerging profession – there is great need
Non-medical, practical, emotional and spiritual end-of-life support though doulas or coaches is an emerging profession gaining traction, popularity and utilization.
The hospice industry is known for end-of-life care, but it can no longer optimally and fully service patients.

There are a number of service and time restraints that hospice staff and volunteers have placed on them, which make it difficult for patients and families to get all of what they need from hospice services alone.
Your certification and designation
Upon successful completion of the training, you will have earned the certification/designation of “Certified End-of-Life Specialist” (CEOLS) to use in your personal, business or professional capacity.
Why the term “Specialist”?
The goal is to keep the focus broad, and for the ability to add services and offerings that span the entire end-of-life spectrum. The broad scope of the term “Specialist” also can speak to your unique interests and skills in end-of-life care, ranging from companion and vigil care to advance planning, home funerals and more.
Why THIS course?
Getting the SAME TRAINING as our Hospice Clients is important because...
    Built-in Referral Source 

    Reason #1:
    Hospices are a built-in and obvious source of referrals for your end-of-life doula business.

    If hospice companies feel confident that you are well-trained by a company who is well known in their industry – AND you are trained in all of the SAME skills they require for their volunteers and staff, then they will be much more willing to refer to you.
    Cross-Referral Opportunities 

    Reason# 2:

    The course will help you understand the role of hospice for your clients and their families, and better convey the benefits.

    This will make you become a valuable and trusted resource to the hospice, generating referrals and solidifying your hospice
    relationships even more.

    Dual Certification

    Reason #3:

    IMPORTANT... After successfully completing our course, you will be "dually certified" to be a hospice volunteer AND and
    an end-of-life doula. 

    Most hospices accept our training should you wish to volunteer. Volunteering at your local hospice is a wonderful opportunity for cross-referrals, especially when you are just starting out.

    Income Possibilities

    Reason #4:

    Time/Money Magazine recently named “End-of Life Doulas” as one of the “Jobs that are so 2017”.  
    The income range statement was 40-70K
    We believe it can be greater.

    We talk frankly about fees, income and how to speak to your prospective clients, so they know your services are for hire

    Reason# 2:

    The course will help you understand the role of hospice for your clients and their families, and better convey the benefits.

    This will make you become a valuable and trusted resource to the hospice, generating referrals and solidifying your hospice
    relationships even more.

    This Training is Like No Other Because...
    Is it Experiential - 
    This is an experiential journey into the work that you love, and are called to do.   It is designed to make you laugh and make you cry, make you ponder and make you wonder - all to open the bandwidth of emotions that will mirror your experience with the dying.
    Inspiring, Engaging, and Video-Based –
    Many training programs provide good information, but often are in a PDF reader format, recorded PowerPoints or less than visually pleasing format. Learning should be an immersive experience with “eye-candy"! We have packed in many different media-rich elements to keep you connected to this important material. Inclusive of video learning, experiential exercises, music, graphics, animation, meditation, interviews, films, links to relevant outside resources, such as TED Talks, articles and more – you can be assured, this is like a live event, only in the comfort of your own space.
    It is Transformational –
    Training is not only supposed to inform, but should transform the learner. This training is an exploration and journey into uncovering beliefs, fears, limitations and the beauty of your own unfolding. The feedback we so often get is that the training experience continued to “give” long after the time spent in the course.
    It is nationally approved for continuing education credits –
    This is the only program of it's kind that is nationally approved for CEUs/CNEs for nurses, LPNs, LVNs, and CNAs/Home Health Aides. There is no extra charge for continuing education credits – if this benefit applies to you, you get the added-value at no added cost.
    It is used by hospices and dually certifies you -
    This is the same training offered at hospices across the country. Upon successful completion, you are granted the right to use the CEOLS designation AND it qualifies you to volunteer as well, which we encourage.
    It enhances your personal or professional credentials –
    Whether you are a professional or personal caregiver, you can share and prove you have met a standard that others have not.  By including the CEOLS designation on your business cards, and resume, your options for work and attracting clients increases.
    Meeting and Exceeding Requirements
    The training certification is an acknowledgement of your meeting and exceeding the standards that exist for training in the hospice industry. It shows you have adopted a high level of standards
    for care.

    Hospices are required to meet certain training criteria in order to receive reimbursement from Medicare. In order for our course to be purchased by those hospices, we MUST meet those standards.
    This training is one of the only programs available that meets Medicare regulations and also exceeds the training recommendation by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.

    It was designed specifically such that that when you complete the program you are dually qualified to build a EOL doula practice AND volunteer, if you wish (which again, we strongly recommend for getting started with work in the field or building your practice.)
    Our Hospice Clients Said It Better...
    Some of the largest health systems, like Kaiser Permanente, and a wide range of small, mid-size and large hospices use our program to train volunteers, staff, family caregivers and referral sources.
    The training is fantastic and a huge benefit to our program, staff and volunteers.

    Stacey Stahl, LCSW, Certified End-of-Life Specialist, Social Worker, Extended Care Center, Volunteer Coordinator
    Tahoe Forest Hospice
    I have had FANTASTIC feedback from our volunteers after they have completed the Teaching Transitions course. The biggest advantage is that volunteers can do it at their own pace and when it is convenient for them. The customer service is top-notch, and I am always impressed by how quickly questions are answered and issues resolved.
    Lydia Vincek, Volunteer Coordinator
    Hospice of the Chesapeake
    When I stumbled across this program I knew immediately that this was an investment worth making. Our trainees gain the confidence and excitement which is always expressed at the end of this training. I am convinced there is no other training like this on the market.  I don’t say that lightly. Undoubtedly, this is an investment worth making.

    Diane Sancilio, LCSW-C, Director of Counseling and Support
    Gilchrist Hospice
    If you want to move your program to the next level, then I would highly recommend this program. We received overwhelming feedback that the online training is what drew trainees to our program. I am so fortunate to have discovered this online learning.

    Laura E. Kube, Volunteer Services Supervisor,
    HealthPartners Hospice & Palliative Care

    Our trainees rave about the program! It offers them an opportunity to take an in depth view of their own values and beliefs as well as learning appropriate ways to be with patients. It has been such a great addition to our hospice that our new employees are also watching it! Thanks for your thoughtful production of this teaching program.

    Ann House, Volunteer Resource Manager 
    Collabria Care
    BRAVA! You just increased my effectiveness X10! Your online certification program has taken our training to a new, professional level. The extensive content exceeds Medicare CoP requirements in a personal and meaningful way for the student. Thank you for putting your hospice experience and marketing/training expertise into a professional product, at a reasonable price.

    Lynne Denne', Outreach Manager and Volunteer Coordinator
    Coastal Home Health & Hospice
    At Kaiser Oakland Hospice, Teaching Transitions has changed our way of doing things for the better. 30 hours may seem like a lot of time - until I took the training! I wanted it to continue! Everyone on our team who has immersed themselves in this wonderful training have felt it was not only time well spent, but a great gift. Patty Burgess has put together a broad spectrum of End of Life Care teachings that inform our work in the field and also our hearts. Thank you Patty, for this amazing treasure trove of End of Life Education.

    Baika Pratt-Heaton, Volunteer Services
    Kaiser Permanente - Oakland Hospice
    What Our EOL Doula Graduates Are Saying
    This course completely and amazingly exceeded my expectations. It is such a loving and compassionate approach.
    Some of my favorite parts were the music and the pictures in the “Quietings”. The exercises were very impactful, and have stayed with me. I have never participated in anything like that before.
    Thank you for sharing such a new perspective that I will carry
    Bonnie P., Limerick, PA
    I was fortunate in my search for end of life care training to come across Teaching Transitions - Doing Death Differently, with Patty Burgess!

    This was a personal search prompted by the failing health of my Father who has late-stage Alzheimer's.

    After spending the past few years surrounded by people who were facing their mortality, I decided to see if there was any actual training for a non- medical model that would allow me to enter into the field of working with the dying and their families.

    Two other programs I sampled were not able to give me the depth and breadth of understanding that I felt I needed, until I came across DDD.

    This media rich training makes all of the difference when taking an on-line course. I've now learned this distinction!

    Patty has put together a most informative, educational, authentic collection of 'people in the industry', with a comprehensive array of topics that relate to Death and Dying.

    The videos make all the difference vs. just hearing a voice while watching a blank screen. For me, I need to see real people. This has given me a great sense of community and deepened the learning experience.

    I've just joined a Hospice organization and have raved to them about the DDD training, which I feel will help me greatly as I begin my journey with them as a volunteer.

    Thank you Patty for the passion and detail you have put into creating this outstanding course.

    C. Forfar
    Certified End-of Life Care Provider and Educator Toronto, Canada
    “The Doing Death Differently training literally opened a whole new world for me. I was just starting out as a hospice volunteer, but because of my experiences caring for dying loved ones I was sure that I knew the "right way" (>ahem< "my way") of doing things- even within a patient-centered model. This training helped me to learn about many ways of meeting a person where they are and letting them lead me to the best way to care for them. It also taught me the value of the experience and perspective each member of a hospice teams brings to end-of-life care situations. Now I know there is always something new to learn and am eager and open to the experiences that help me grow as an end-of-life caregiver.

    This training also gave me the courage to take ownership of the skills I had learned, including how to become an integrated member of an end-of-life care-team, and launch my own, independent, End of Life Specialist Business. I am so honored to have the opportunity to provide this service to people in need, and so grateful for the Doing Death Differently training for inspiring me to follow this path in life.”

    Michelle A.
    Certified End-of-Life Specialist 
    Montpellier, VT
    Is This Training for You?
    If you fall into one of the following profiles - then the CEOLS training might be for you:
    • You want to become an end-of-life doula coach or guide and have no healthcare background or experience or credentials
    • You want or need a certification specifically designed for end-of-life care, to show your training, credentials and dedication.
    • You are considering entering the end-of-life industry for your work – you are not planning on setting up a business, but do want to make yourself more attractive to potential employers in this field.
    • You are a committed healthcare professional already working in the field, and want to want to deepen and create meaning in your work.
    • You have been profoundly affected by the death of a friend or loved one (positively or negatively) and know that this is where you want to serve.
    • You are a family member who may be overwhelmed and faced with caring for an aging family member or terminally ill friend.
    • You are drawn to compassionate, inspired, loving service.
    • You want to take your personal growth and self-development to a new level.
    • You are deeply interested or curious
    What Does the Training Cover?
    Inspiring, experiential, and engaging - and all in the comfort and privacy of your own personal space.

    Every module is available to you as soon as you purchase the program,
    and you can go through it at your own pace.

    Purpose & Focus of This Work
    Module 1
    • Overview of course and Certified End of Life Specialist (CEOLS) designation
    • Meeting and exceeding standards
    • Contacts within hospice organizations / intentions for course participants
    • Housekeeping rules and guidelines / purpose and focus of the course
    • Mission and trainees impact on end-of-life care  
    • Training candidates – who is this training for?
    • Transformative nature of this work
    • Explanation of the “Quietings” (visualizations) throughout the course
    • Experiential exercise - Quieting
    By the end of this module you will be able to fully connect with the impact your work can have in the world. Throughout the program, there is reference to "volunteers, personal and professional caregivers". This material is especially relevant to end-of-life doulas/coaches/guides, as more than any other role, you will be working closely with hospice professionals. You'll also understand what is required to receive the CEOLS designation.

    Hospice 101
    Module 2
    • How grief and loss connects us
    • View from a hospice volunteer perspective
    • Hospice origins and philosophy
    • Hospice eligibility
    • Interdisciplinary team approach to hospice care
    • Hospice benefits, usage, myths and misconceptions
    • HIPAA compliance and confidentiality
    • Patient rights
    By the end of this module you will be educated in hospice/end-of-life philosophy, history, goals of care, benefits, eligibility, interdisciplinary team approach and the concepts of palliative care. It is important to understand the beauty and benefits of the hospice approach to care in order to be able to fully educate your community and potential clients. You will be often working with hospice, side by side in a  non-medical supportive role. Ethical duties involved in hospice, such as confidentiality and boundaries are discussed here.
    Personal Death Awareness; Examining Beliefs & Fears
    Module 3
    •  Introduction/explanation of experiential exercise 
    • "Personal Death Awareness" exercise
    •  Gratitude "Quieting" (visualization)
    • "Personal Death Inventory"
    •  Advance directives, interview - Elder care attorney
    By the end of this module you will be able to identify your own fears, beliefs, and concerns
    about your own mortality that may get in the ways of serving to the fullest. Experientially understanding the feeling of loss, lack of control and isolation that our clients will face, deeply informs our capacity to demonstrate and express empathy. In this way we become a better supporter of the choices the dying make—even when it opposes our choices.
    End-of-life Communication; Speaking & Listening Differently
    Module 4
    • Creating a "safe space" communication exercise
    •  Understanding compromised communication
    •  Effective communication skills for use with the dying and families
    •  Empathetic listening exercise introduction and explanation
    •  Quieting using HearthMath technique
    •  Animation role play - better ways to listen
    •  Tools for better communication
    •  Barriers to effective communication
    •  Dealing with difficult scenarios
    •   Lessons for the Living - film
    By the end of this module you will be able to create a supportive environment for the facilitation of better communication with the dying and their loved ones. You will also be able to remain in touch with your own personal death awareness in order to be vigilant about personal triggers that can affect your healthy communications skills. You’ll get to see how miscues and miscommunications in conversation lead to elevated levels of emotion and what to do about them when present with the dying/family.
    Clinical Care at the End of Life
    Module 5
    •  Clinical care at the end of life
    •  Infection control in the home/Universal precautions
    •  Pain and symptom management
    •  Safety in the home
    •  Signs and symptoms of approaching death
    •  Hospice Medical Director interview
    •  Life Before Death - pain management internationally -Film
    •  Physician assisted suicide/Physician aid in dying controversy
    •  What to do when death occurs in various settings
    •  Hospice Nurse interview
    •  Hospice Nursing Assistant/CNA interview
    By the end of this module you will be able to understand the role and scope of the hospice clinical team and the doula, personal caregiver or volunteer in managing pain and symptoms. You will learn about the liability and ethical issues inherent in an end of life situation, as well as identify potential risks for yourself and client safety relating to universal precautions, potential safety and environmental hazards in the home setting. Doulas are often hired for vigil services in the remaining weeks, days and hours of the dying person’s life. As such, you will become familiar with the signs and symptoms of approaching death, as well as appropriate responses and comfort measures. What actions to take when a death occurs in various settings is also covered here.
    Spiritual & Cultural Diversity; Dynamics of Death & Dying
    Module 6
    •  Hospice Chaplain interview
    •  Hospice Social Worker interview
    •  Bereavement Coordinator interview
    •  Interview with Volunteer Coordinator AND Hospice Volunteer
    •  Spirituality Quieting/visualization-Honoring and upholding another's beliefs
    By the end of this module you will be able to acknowledge the impact of cultural and spirituality aspects of the death journey for your clients - however differing they may be from each other, or from your own belief system. You will come to understand the concept of “presence”, or “being there” for the dying and the family, as your doula work fulfills the psycho-social and spiritual needs of the dying and the important people who surround them. You will learn about the spiritual needs of the dying or family who may not engage in a religious practice or belong to a faith-based community, and who to contact should the person dying undergo a spiritual crisis.
    Grief, Loss & Bereavement
    Module 7
    •  Founders of the Grief Recovery Institute
    •  Patty Burgess intro to the Film "Solace: Wisdom of the Dying”
    •  Filmmaker Intro to "Solace; Wisdom of the Dying"
    •  View Film, Solace; Wisdom of the Dying
    •  Brene’ Brown-The Power of Vulnerability
    •  Loss of loved one - Interview
    By the end of this module you will be able to define grief, loss, and the tasks associated with mourning and bereavement, while implementing appropriate responses to dying, death and grief. You will be able to identify the existing models of grief recovery, as well as relaying the myths and misconceptions about grief. You will recognize the value of engaging in grief recovery for yourself, and understand what signs might be present to indicate the need for a referral.
    Self-Care & Managing Personal Stress
    Module 8
    •  The Importance of self-care when doing this work.
    •  Introduction to a "Healthy Caregiving" series
    •  Short clips on caregiving - experiencing grief/loss and how to cope
    By the end of this module you will be able to understand your own personal stress triggers, and find the most appropriate and nurturing ways to manage your stress. You will be able to identify the signs of burn-out and be willing to address them appropriately, create healthy boundaries, and develop
    on-going strategies to nurture yourself, to better serve others.
    Legacy, Last Words, Eulogies, & Dialogue with Death
    Module 9
    •  Legacy – What it means and How it is demonstrated
    •  Introduction to eulogies - considering what would be said at your funeral?
    •  Funny, wise and moving eulogies; sharing from the heart
    •  Last Words - what would you say to others?
    •  Introduction/instructions for an experiential exercise - our "Relationship with Death"
    •  Exercise and Quieting
    By the end of this module you will be able to identify ways to help the dying and their family create memories and living legacies, while helping the dying person to understand their inherent worth and contribution to the world. You will learn how to maintain a loving presence as the dying and their loved ones move closer to their final moments. You also get to further identify and address any remaining fears or concerns about your own death.
    Putting it all Together: Roles, Etiquette, Ethics, Needs of the Dying
    Module 10
    •  Putting all of the training together - getting started with this work as a volunteer, doula, caregiver
    •  Etiquette for visits and meetings
    •  Life review and reminiscence
    •  Working with dementia/ Alzheimer's patients and other cognitive issues
    •  The "Needs of the Dying"
    •  Wrap-up, volunteer/doula/caregiver participation, acknowledging commitment
    By the end of this module you will be able to understand the various supportive tasks that you will be able to perform for family/loved ones, and know what is expected during an interpersonal exchange. You will also become comfortable with, and able to nurture the needs of the dying, family and important people who have said good-bye.
    PLUS.... These 10 Bonuses when you purchase the 
    Get Ready to Launch Your Business – WITH THESE BONUSES
    One Hour One-on-One Strategy Session
    BONUS # 1 - One Hour One-on-One Strategy Session, Q & A or Planning Call with Patty Burgess (you can use up to a year after enrolling into the program)
    (VALUE $447)
    Done4U Web Page
    BONUS # 2Done4U Web Page on the Doing Death Differently Website – Your very own web Page/Profile where you can direct clients to see your credentials, services, personal note, picture, testimonials, and the ability to contact you or book a session. We also host and maintain your page at no cost to you!
    (VALUE $597)
    BONUS Video Training Series
    BONUS # 3 - Bonus Video Training and Business Track

    Bonus Track #1 - Blueprint for a 6-Figure Income Without Ever Leaving Your Home or Your Job
       ~ Holding a vision for your work
         ~ Seeing your work in the world
         ~ Fears around fees and charging for services
         ~ Get your business taken seriously
         ~ The ONE business model that leverages your time & inexperience & can expand your market quickly
         ~ Blueprint building blocks
         ~ Practice model structure
         ~ Tools, resources, strategies for a sustainable business
         ~ Marketing strategy and building your tribe and visibility

    Bonus Track #2  - Getting Referrals from Your Community as a Direct Care Doula
    ~ Insider hospice info/a likely referral source - When your client is already on hospice
         ~ When your client is not yet on hospice
         ~ Hospice as part of your clients journey - Addressing the "H" word
         ~ Hospice Assessment & Comparison (HAC), Nursing Home & Home Care comparison tools as part of
            your service package & setting up environments for cross-referrals
         ~ Interviewing hospices and other referral sources
         ~ Know your C.O.N. laws for optimum advocacy
    (VALUE $697)
    EOL Doula Income Selector Tool
    BONUS # 4 - EOL DOULA INCOME SELECTOR TOOL - See how your business must build on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.  Know EXACTLY what you must charge, and EXACTLY how many clients you must see in order to make a 6-Figure Income, or any income you desire
    (VALUE $197)
    Done4U Brochure Marketing Copy 
    BONUS # 5 – Done4U Brochure Marketing Copy - swipe this copy and customize it, or create your own
    (VALUE $97)
    Your Irresistible Freebie (Done4U) Giveaway
    BONUS # 6 -  "TOP 5 End-of-Life Caregiver Challenges Report (Done4U).  When you capture email addresses for those who want to know more about your services, you want to thank them with something of value that connect them to you
    (Value $97)
    Hospice Assessment and Comparison Tool
    BONUS # 7 - Hospice Assessment and Comparison Tool - Spreadsheet with specific indicators to assess and compare Local hospices.  Also, little known comparison sites assessing quality of care for home care and nursing homes to help your clients get to the best resources if needed
    (VALUE $147)
    Tech Tools, Resources and Vendor List
    BONUS # 8 - Tech Tools, Resources, and Vendor Lists - Components of strategies and tools discussed, with links and information for quick practice set up
    (VALUE $197)
    Part of the End-of-Life Doula Network
    BONUS #9 - Marketed as part of the EOL Doula Network - when you complete your profile and set up your personal web page on the Doing Death Differently website, we engage in ongoing marketing and SEO of our site in order to promote the End-of-Life Doula Network. This may lead to prospects finding you without any cost or effort on your part
    (VALUE $550)
    FOR ALL PURCHASERS (Not Just For Business Track Trainees)
    Invitation to Monthly Continuing Education Series
    Lifetime Access
    BONUS #10 - Monthly End-of-Life Webinar Series - Each month you are invited to a webinar featuring innovative and inspiring guest experts on all topics related to death, dying, grief, and loss.  This is a wonderful way to enrich your education at no additional cost and to be connected to leaders in the end-of-life industry.  If you cannot attend live a replay will be sent if you register for the webinar.
    VALUE > $2700 for lifetime access)
    The bonuses alone add up to
    OVER 4X the cost of this course!!

    What Can You Do with this Training?
    With this certification you can:
    •  Become an End-of-Life-Doula, Coach or Guide – provide non-medical practice, physical, emotional, and spiritual support to the dying and their families
    •  Provide Professional Caregiving – You can seek opportunities as a caregiver through a non-medical/private duty companion care agency
    •  Provide Family Caregiving –This training offers the support and knowledge that you and your loved one can manage the care that needs to be given. This certification demonstrates to your loved ones, that you have a high level of knowledge and competence in end of life issues
    •  Enhance your professional credentials – This training will enhance your resume, or professional credentials for work especially in the hospice, palliative care or end of life industry. When this training appears on your resume, it signals any employer, that you are a special, dedicated and a trained individual
    •  Combine end-of-life skills with alternative Healing Arts – This program is a great addition to a medical/therapeutic practice. As a Reiki Master, massage therapist, energy healer or other healing profession, this training can be extended to end of life clients, both patients and families. Working with these clients expands the compassion and knowledge you offer.
    •  Incorporate into your Life or Grief Coaching – Learning end of life skills for your clients as a life or grief coach can speed up recovery processes and have your clients progressing in more gentle and powerful ways.
    •  Bring end-of life skills into a mental health practice – Loss and grief from death carries different and sometimes a complex set of issues. Tuning into those insights enhances your effectiveness as a mental health professional.
    •  Become a volunteer or palliative caregiver, in a hospice or non-hospice setting. The skills taught in this training translate to other settings such as volunteering in the home, nursing home, assisted living, home care or other places that need your talents.
    •  Become a health advocate. Another new and emerging industry is taking off as the healthcare process and navigation become more complicated and tedious for the consumer. Independent or corporate health advocates are becoming popular as the public demands more transparency about the services they utilize
    •  Lead the growing "service demand" that is gearing up for the care of the 76 million baby boomers, who have already begun to need services. Who better than one trained in end-of-life care to be the top choice among candidates competing for positions in the healthcare market. This training gives you an edge when entering the healthcare market in any field.
    •  As a caregiver to a caregiver. Caregiver burn-out is managed and minimized with self- care tools and techniques taught in this training. You may find an opportunity to work with those who give care to others
    •  Help healthcare facilities understand the need for end-of-life doulas – get hired or work as an independent contractor for hospitals, clinics, skilled nursing facilities, personal care homes and /assisted living facilities.
    •  Consider starting a career in the hospice, palliative care or other end of life opportunities. This program can prepare you for becoming a hospice social worker, chaplain, bereavement specialist, volunteer coordinator or volunteer. This training shows your level of commitment above and beyond other candidates who may be vying for the same position. 
    EOL Doula Practice  - Family Caregiver - Work for Hire  -  Volunteer
    Engaging, inspiring, experiential, media-rich
    •  John James and Russell Friedman, the Founders of the Grief Recovery Institute, recognized as the leading Grief and Loss Recovery organization, training thousands of individuals and groups all over the world for the past 30 years.
    •  A hospice RN turned filmmaker who shares a very personal journey in the lives of her patients who are dying. In her film, which is part of the training, you get to meet the patients themselves who openly and willingly discuss their imminent passing with amazing candor, humor and extreme grace.
    •  A 20-year hospice nurse to explain the realities of pain and symptom management, and the signs and the signs and symptoms of approaching death.
    •  A palliative care doctor and hospice medical director who wants medical care to include whole range of options for end of life care, and who believes “love” is a vital treatment component of end-of-life care.
    •  A spiritual counselor/chaplain to help us understand the spiritual and cultural differences that are so rich, but must be understood to fully support the journey of one who is facing the end of life.
    •  An attorney specializing in advance care planning, who navigates the importance, the complications, and the conversations we must have about our wishes and those of our loved ones about what we want at the end of life....And more people to meet!
    This is What is Possible for You! 
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    100 % Guarantee
    I’m so committed to giving you access to this material and helping you decide whether this is for you that I am offering a 100% money-back guarantee.  Complete the first 4 modules of the Certified End-of-Life Specialist Foundational Training (CEOLS), within 14 days of registering, and if you find it is not for you, then we will refund 100% of your investment.  Simply request the refund in writing, and let us know why it is not a good fit for you - this will totally help us for quality improvement.  (If you decide to request a refund, you would not be able to use the CEOLS certification/designation, even if you completed it during that time.)
    We would be sad to see you go—but know that the door is always open!

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    Trainer - End-of-Life Educator
    Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Grief Recovery Institute,
    Hospice volunteer, Hospice Community Educator
    Speaker, Author; ebook, “6 Concepts to Master When Supporting a Loved One Who Is Dying”
    YouTube Show Host- of the “The Death Chicks”

    Mentor, Trainer and
    Course Facilitator
    Patty Burgess, President of Possibility, Creator of the Certified End of Life Specialist Training
    I am here to help you take that leap! I want to help you put your valuable work out into the world, do what you were born to do, and create the life of your dreams
    Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time
    Mary Oliver - American Poet, Pulitzer Prize
    We all live and we all die – two truths that can’t be argued. For the majority of people, the space between birth and death hold their attention, and is the focus of their journey. But for Patty Burgess, the ending point of death, with its surrounding fear, stigmas and mystery, is a rich area to indulge her ever expanding curiosity and passion for heartfelt life experiences.

    Patty’s experiences with dying and death moved her over the years through the hospice industry, from volunteer to trainer to community educator. While the work was enriching, Patty saw a significant void in end-of-life-care training.

    She began integrating her insights of “doing death differently” and saw that this approach to death dramatically changed those facing the end of life, their loved ones, and the caregiver/supporter.

    Patty feels passionately that avoiding or ignoring feelings, fears and conversations about death and dying, sadly, also leads to avoiding or ignoring important connections, so needed at the end of life.

    There is a way to BE with the dying that is transformative.

    Living and dying can co-exist beautifully in any present moment. Patty’s passion has led to her experiential workshops, writings, outreach and now — the online version of the foundational training for doulas, personal and professional caregivers, hospices and healthcare organizations and volunteers.

    Here she teaches how to “Do Death Differently”, not be overwhelmed or afraid, but to even experience the joy, the passion and the exhilaration inherent in the honor of BEing with the dying.
    We Hope You’ll Join Us!
    That impact on the world—Yes...you—you can do this!

    I want you to feel free and hopeful that what you have been dreaming about can be a reality. 

    Don’t wait any longer.

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    It is time to use that passion and start getting lit up about your future.

    I hope we get to work together!


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